Learn English Alphabet And Phonics For Beginners


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Learn English Alphabet And Phonics for Beginners





This is a general, introductory course aimed at anyone willing to learn alone as well as anyone supporting ESOL learners and children, in general, to prepare for school. In other words, students, parents, educators, and workers in early childhood education and care (ECEC), center directors, early primary school teachers, and education leaders are all welcome to use and enjoy our courses absolutely for free!!!

Before we dive into the courses, I figured it would be great to start with the English alphabet and phonics course. 

Although it may seem very basic for some of you, remember that all our courses are planned with the idea in mind that anyone with zero knowledge of the English language can start with us.

The main aim of teaching phonics (pronunciation) is to develop spoken English so that you as a learner will be easily understood when producing or speaking English. Indeed, as a result of that it allows you to have a positive image of yourself as a speaker of the English language. 

To sum up, since knowing the alphabet and phonics is one of the main fundamentals of learning any language, please consider mastering this skill first before we can move on to the next level…

Let’s start our journey!!


You will learn:

The difference between letters and sounds.

How to utilize them in speech and in writing.

How to introduce yourself (communicative approach)

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