Common Nouns Vs Proper Nouns


Proper nouns

The proper noun begins with a capital letter in English. ( refer to the Alphabet and Phonics course to review this point.

The main proper nouns are:

Human noun:

John, Carry, Jordan,  Kennedy, Messi, Melissa, Ali, Sahra, etc.

Institution, establishment, institution, authority, university nouns:

 Harver University, Saint John High School, Health Association, British Language Institute, American Center, Colombia University, New York Governorship, etc.

Nation, tribe, religion, sect nouns:

American, British, German, Greek,  Arabic, Indian, Russian, Jewish, Christian, Judaism, Christianity, etc.

Language nouns:

 English, French,  Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, Finnish, Amazigh, etc.

City, District, neighborhood, street, boulevard, street nouns:

 Orlando, Florida, Miami, London, Paris, Rabat, Seoul, California, Orange Avenue, etc.

Country and region nouns:

United States, UK, India, France, Turkey, Morocco, Eastern Europe, etc.

Continental nouns:

Eurasia, Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Antarctica, Australia.

Sea, ocean, lake, running water, strait, passage nouns:

Mediterranean, Black Sea, English Channel, Great Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Panama Pass, Suez Canal, etc.

Mountain, hill, plain, highland nouns:

Everest Hill , Kilimanjaro,Toubkal etc.


If you pay attention to the special nouns that are capitalized on both letters like “Everest Hill”, it is seen that the first word already exists as the proper noun, and the noun formed when the second word is added corresponds to a new and special entity belonging to that proper noun.


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