Common Nouns Vs Proper Nouns


Independent Practice

Write your name, your gender, your profession, and where you live to practice the use of nouns in a sentence.

Once done, try to read it aloud.


1.Hi, my name is Najat. What’s your name? (Note the “N” is capital because it is a proper noun)

2.I am a female and you?

3.I am a teacher. How about you, what do you do?

4.I live in the USA. ( proper noun )

5.I like birds.

 A question to reflect on

We’ve learned so far that a noun can name a person, place, thing, or idea, right?!

But what if I have more than one?!

(ex: four people, three places, six things or ideas ) how can I show that using my nouns!?

The answer will be in the next course!

By: Najat A. 

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