Parts Of Speech: Noun Types( A general overview of Nouns)


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 Introductory Lesson

A General Overview of Nouns in the English Language


Hello and welcome back to English FBA (English For Beginners Academy)

Today’s lesson is an introductory lesson about Nouns.


You will learn:

  • The definition of a noun.
  • All types of nouns in English.
  • The practice of different noun uses in a sentence.


Today’s post is structured to be a mere General Overview of Nouns in the English Language. In future courses, we will explain each topic thoroughly.

Nouns are one of the parts of speech in English. They are considered as a major word class that contributes to a great extent in the content and meaning of any given sentence or phrase.

Today I will teach you 10 types of nouns. These following pages explain more about the grammar use of nouns with examples.

What is a Noun? 

  • Nouns are an open class category. They are one of the eight parts of speech in English.
  • noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, substance, quality, or an idea.

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